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Here’s how it went down. 

Aoba told Mink before he went to work that he was going to go for a hike. Mink didn’t really approve. 

He just worries about him a lot. How can he not? Aoba is his soulmate. Mink doesn’t want to lose any more people that he loves. Still, Mink tries his best not to restrict Aoba’s freedom.

"Be safe."

"I will. Have a good day. I’ll have dinner waiting when you get home."

Those are the last words they ever speak to each other.

Aoba checks in with Mink throughout the day. He even sends him pictures of where he is with cute little messages like ‘Wish you were here’ and ‘Let’s go here together on your next day off and have a picnic’.

It keeps a soft smile on Mink’s lips all day. He loves Aoba so much. He knows he doesn’t say it enough. Mink hopes that Aoba at least knows.

Mink decides to say ‘I love you’ as soon as he gets home. Aoba deserves to hear it more.

The messages stop in the early evening. Mink doesn’t think anything of it. He assumes that Aoba is making dinner for them. He heads home.

Mink knows something is wrong before he even walks through the door. He knows the house is empty, but he rushes in anyway. He calls out in vain for Aoba, furiously dialing his lover’s coil number.

No answer. Mink orders Lulakan to try and connect to Ren. It doesn’t work. (I like the headcanon that if Aoba dies, Ren dies).

Mink runs out into the woods. He knows where Aoba went based off of the pictures he was sent earlier. He heads up the cliffs to the highest peak.

It takes him an hour or so to get there. The sun has almost set. 

Aoba is nowhere to be found.

Oh god… imagine what Mink looks like when he is afraid. Imagine the stoic, serious man… shaking. Eyes wide, and darting around madly. Imagine him screaming Aoba’s name, much like he screamed the name of his tribe when they were slaughtered before him.

Eventually, Lulakan informs Mink that he sees a body. It’s far below the cliffside. Crumbled rock is all around it.

Mink doesn’t remember descending the mountain. He doesn’t remember running to Aoba’s side.

All he knows is that he’s holding Aoba’s lifeless, lifeless body in his arms. It’s broken and twisted. Dried blood is caked on its lips. His amber eyes are wide open, and glazed over.

After hours of wailing, Mink manages to say the words he’d intended to say when he saw Aoba again.

"I love you."

Aw maaaan guys… this is such a bummer.


Why my otp kills me like that çwç


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